Kent Kindness has been collaborating with a number of other groups including the Refugee Council, Young Lives, the Red Cross and KRAN to produce easily understood information material for young asylum seekers. At the start of the project, some of the young people were asked what information they would most like to have, and they asked for something to explain all the processes involved in applying for asylum, and what to expect in the meanwhile. Kent Kindness and the other organisations were keen to add in what support and help young asylum seekers should expect from the various official bodies, so that has been put in.

Ultimately the “Asylum Journey” will be published as an A2 poster with the “Asylum Leaflet” attached and will hopefully be distributed nationally.

Many thanks are due to the generous supporters of Kent Kindness and others who have enabled this project to be realised.

You can see the poster and the brochure produced by clicking these links.