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A really easy way to give money to Kent Kindness

If you ever shop online, without paying any more you can donate money to Kent Kindness by joining (link below).

Every time you make an online purchase from any of their supporting retailers (which include Amazon, Ocado, Sainsburys, Tesco, John Lewis, M&S,  Next, Topshop, etc etc etc) a donation goes to a charity of your choice.  All you have to remember to do is to buy online through the website.

It’s easy to join up – just put in your name, email address and a password.  Then you’re ready to choose your charity (Kent Kindness, we hope!) and you’re off!

If you are already using Easyfundraising, you might consider nominating Kent Kindness as your charity of choice for a few weeks….. to do that, simply go to “My Account” on the top toolbar, choose “My Account Settings”, and you will see that the bottom item on the menu says “Change the Cause I Support”.   That enables you to use that method to donate to Kent Kindness for a limited period, and then change back again.

Word Games to teach English

Here’s a photo which one of our volunteers took of words made using Bananagram tiles as part of an Intermediate level English class in the reception centre.  Using as many varied approaches as possible keeps the learners’ attention and helps them to learn.  Our classes are not simply about doing worksheets – having fun is very important!

Donation from Sandwich

Last month, there was a week of events in Sandwich to raise awareness about refugees and migrants and the immense difficulties which they face.  At the events, money was raised for supporting them, and Kent Kindness is very grateful for the donation of £220.   Thank you so much for the money and for your support.


At the request of those caring for the young asylum seekers and young refugees, some of the money donated to Kent Kindness will be used to provide enjoyable outings for the young people.  They love going to the zoo, so Kent Kindness is going to provide a few annual season tickets – just enough so that the young people and accompanying adults can get there in a minibus.  We will also give some single entry tickets for the young people in the school whom we work with.   We know they will get a lot out of these trips – time outdoors, education about the animals and the environment, and above all, fun.


My First 1000 Words in English

For some time, Usborne’s “My First 1000 Words in English” has been very popular with the young asylum seekers arrive in the Reception Centre.  They appreciate the clear presentation and useful range of words, and it clearly is a favourite book for them.

So we were delighted when Usborne Publishers generously donated us 50 copies of the book, in response to an approach from the Kent Kindness lead volunteer in the reception centre.  They arrived in the last full week of January and will be issued to each young man when he arrives at the centre.

We know this will be much appreciated and will help their learning.


We would like each young asylum seeker to receive a small gift from Kent Kindness when he leaves the reception centre, as a sign of our support and good wishes.  Each gift package will cost about £10 – £11, and will contain a pack of cards, one of the games they enjoy playing (such as Ludo or Draughts), and an item we know they will find useful later on, such as a torch or a fleece blanket.

If you would like to contribute to this appeal, please go to the “donate” tab on this website.   Your money will help to give a sign of hope and support at a moment of change in the life of a vulnerable young person.

2017 Benenden Tennis Tournament

Kent Kindness has received a substantial and most generous donation from the 2017 Benenden Tennis Tournament.  Thank you so much to the committee who decided to allocate this to us!

Sport is tremendously important to the wellbeing of the young asylum seekers, so we are hoping to use most of the money to enable them to do more.  The money will probably go towards their playing football rather than tennis, but it will certainly give them a lot of enjoyment as well as making a real contribution to their being healthy and feeling positive.

We are all very grateful.


Over the Christmas season, Kent Kindness received two generous donations for which we are most grateful.

The Henhurst Trust donated £750.00.

A sing-song was held in Sandhurst, which raised £170.00 for Kent Kindness.

All at Kent Kindness appreciate these gifts and all the donations we receive, not just for their monetary value (which of course is very useful!) but most of all for the support for the young refugees and asylum seekers which they represent.

Thank you. 

Support with Studies Drop-In

Kent Kindness is now offering a weekly  Support with Studies Drop-In in Tunbridge Wells.   This is in partnership with Tunbridge Wells Welcomes Refugees and we aim to offer help with English, Maths, and other school and college subjects to young refugees and asylum seekers, to help them to get the most out of their studies and to make the progress they need for success in our academic and vocational education systems.