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please donate for Christmas gifts

As in previous years, Kent Kindness aims to give a  Christmas bag with gifts to each boy in the Reception Centre so that they have something to open from us on Christmas day.  You can see the amazing bags prepared and packed by a wonderful Trustee.  The bags contain things which we think teenage boys will enjoy and appreciate -fun mugs, shower gel, washable coloured pens, socks,  gold chocolate coins….

We have had to purchase and make up these gifts in advance, but we would love the payment of them to be something our volunteers and friends share in.  It would make them into personal gifts of goodwill and friendliness from the many people connected with Kent Kindness, and that would go far beyond their purely monetary value.

If you can contribute any amount, however small, please go to the “Donate” tab on our website – https://kentkindness.org.uk/?page_id=273 – to send us your donation – if you can Gift Aid it, that adds an extra 25% to your money.

Thank you in advance from everyone at Kent Kindness.

What’s the need?

There are currently many hundreds of asylum seeking children and young refugees in the care of Kent County Council.

All of them have made a very difficult journey to get to Britain; huge numbers of them are fleeing from war, terror, hunger or despair, and many of them have experienced trauma such as we can hardly imagine. At a young age, they have lived through situations nobody should ever have to face.

Kent County Council is doing a great job, and has managed to find foster homes for all the girls, for the boys under the age of 16, and for a very few boys aged 16 and 17 who have particular needs.

By far the biggest group of unaccompanied child asylum seekers, however, are boys aged 16 and over. These young people usually pass through a reception centre first, where their health, educational and social skills and needs are assessed. After that, if they stay in Kent, they are placed in rented accommodation (a room in a shared house) in various parts of the county, where they live “in the community” while their asylum application is processed. That can take a long time, during which the young people have very little money, are not allowed to take paid employment, may have only limited access to education, and therefore need our help and support.

We have set up our volunteer group to give additional support to the boys aged 16-17 while they are in the Ashford reception centre, and then afterwards when they are living in the community. We aim to help and supplement the activities and facilities already provided by the Kent County Council staff, and we work in partnership with them.

Registered Charity no. 1167921


The reception centre are very grateful to have been given many items of sporting equipment recently, through the generosity of Kent Kindness.  These include both new and second hand items – swimming trunks, football boots,  table tennis bats and balls and pool balls and cues.   We all know how much boys love sport, so these gifts are great for them.


On Oct 3rd, a comedy night was held for the benefit of Kent Kindness by Lonestar Comedy, which is run by one of our Trustees.  About 70 people, both volunteers from Kent Kindness and members of the Lonestar Comedy Club, laughed the evening away at Cranbrook Rugby Club.  We all had a great time, and the evening raised £365.40 for Kent Kindness.

“Laughing all the way to the bank”…..



In early August, some of our Kent Kindness volunteers organised a party for the young people at the reception centre.

The intention was for it to be an English garden party and sports day,  but, after weeks and weeks of drought, that was the day when the weather broke and it absolutely poured non-stop!

Fortunately, we were invited  to move the event into the spacious dining area,  and so we were able to put on some races such as egg and spoon and a sack race (with the young people sitting on the floor rather than running, in the interests of health and safety!) as well as other traditional games and activities – pin the tail on the donkey, Twister, musical statues, fancy dress and more.

The volunteers provided a completely sumptuous spread for tea, as well as lovely table and room decorations.  We were greatly helped by the support workers in the centre – and I think they enjoyed the afternoon as well!

It was wonderful to see the young people enjoying themselves so thoroughly, and a great time was had by all. 

Thank You to Henhurst Charitable Trust

Kent Kindness has received a very substantial donation from the Henhurst Charitable Trust, an organisation which has supported us in the past as well.  We are truly grateful to the Trustees for this generous  donation which will enable us to continue our support for young asylum seekers and refugees, with the focus on education and activities which promote their well-being.



Recently, Kent Kindness funded a day out for the young refugees in the secondary school in which some of our volunteers give support.  Here’s an email we received from their teacher:

We are just back from yet another brilliant adventure thanks to Kent Kindness.  We could not have packed anymore into our day – lighthouses, trains, paddling, ice creams, sandcastles, amusements and rides.  Lots of fun had by all so thank you very much



Kent Kindness would like to say a huge “thank you” to Cranbrook School.

Not only have they twice hosted the boys from the reception centre for a friendly game of football (including refreshments!), but they have also made a most generous donation to us from their Charity Appeal.

The money will be used to help young refugees who need our support;  and the fun and friendly welcome of the football matches have already given very much enjoyment.

Thank you for your generosity.